Straightening SOS Jantes KC works on all aluminum rims, cold straightening and edge banding.
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Tuning Custom Painting SOS Jantes KC offers you the possibility to customize your rims according to your desires.
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Edge polishing Would you like your wheels to be as shiny as they were when you bought your vehicle ?
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Welding A cracked, grated or missing rim can be repaired!
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Full diamond polishing This method significantly reduces clogging and provides a flawless finish !
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Aluminium recharging
SOS Jantes KC guarantees maximum filling and sealing of every crack.
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Assembly and disassembly
of the tire
SOS Jantes KC is equipped for the disassembly and reassembly of the tires. Run Flat 13" up to 26"
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Customization wheel rims moto At SOS Jantes KC, we offer you the realization and the personalization of your motorcycle rims !
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Tires and wheels storage SOS Jantes KC offers you a long and short term storage service for your tires and rims.
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Delivery service We make the delivery and the recovery of your rims or your wheels directly at your place in a record time.
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Ask for a quote ! Do not hesitate to contact us for any request, you can also attach a photo of the rim(s) concerned so that we can already get an idea and thus offer you a faster service.
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SOS Jantes KC, at your service throughout Switzerland

SOS Jantes KC in Geneva, Lausanne, Sion and Yverdon-les-bains presents to you exclusively in Switzerland, a complete service of renovation and repair of car and motorcycle rims. Our services, carried out in our workshops by professionals, will allow you to restore your rims to like-new condition, regardless of their condition.

Our process, recognized by the biggest brands, is offered to you at prices without competition, respecting deadlines of 1 to 5 working days and held.Would you like a quote for your vehicle?

SOS Jantes KC is committed to respecting all the steps of the repair of your rims, from the unveiling to the painting, by respecting a precise schedule of conditions. Our quality requirement allows us to offer you a one year guarantee on our achievements. From small to large rims, metal or aluminum, raw or painted, standard or tuning, we have a perfect response to customer needs thanks to our extra wide services.

Contact us at the agency nearest to your home

Replacement vehicle available during the repair

Our Services

Why choose us ?

Several large groups trust us for our skills and the quality of our work.

For the professional customers, recovery and delivery of the rims or wheels directly at your place.

Possibility to drop off the rims with tires mounted or otherwise to entrust us with your vehicle.

Our experience of more than 10 years as well as our requirements allow us to guarantee a quality work.

By appointment, a replacement vehicle can be made available during the repair.

Repair possible within 24 hours on request

Contact us

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the form below !

Discover the SOS Jantes KC application on smartphones

This application was developed to facilitate your communication with the SOS Jantes KC team. In just a few clicks, take pictures of your damaged rims and send your request directly from your phone!

In addition, it allows you to stay informed at all times of the best offers from SOS Jantes KC!